About US

     K.Y. (our founder) wore a suit every day as his uniform to a point he feels trap by it. He discovers he could still show his character by wearing fun socks and quickly discover he was not alone in this. He and his friend Richard begin a little competition for the ‘one sock’. Very soon they started to build a large collection of fun socks, which turn into a design competition. To this day the competition is running and added to the running pie collections.

The sock that sock me

     K.Y. wore a suit every day and his soul was melted down by his dull, profession suit to only black and white. One day he met Richard, who wore a suit with bright red and blue socks. K.Y. found he was so drawn by Richards’ socks. It was discreet but those socks had really brought out Richards’ playful character.

Running Pie Logo

Color, Pattern, Crazy

     Richard and K.Y. suit remain black but their socks were never one single color. K.Y. discovered that people were quick to discover his joyful socks and his characters. K.Y. new and old friends also begin to experiment with different socks as well. Socks became the center focus for K.Y. and Richard.


Red and blue socks wore by K.Y. and Richard


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